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Bespoke components in the right place & the right time

Helping you produce great products and optimise your production line efficiency.

How we help
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How we help

The financial success of your electronic devices depends on how well they perform for your customers. That performance is dictated by the product design, the quality of components and getting it into the marketplace on time.

Gelec works with you to produce the highest quality components, often advising on material choice to increase product life and reduce production costs.

Once the components have been manufactured, our warehouses around the world ensure you have the components you need at the right time, reducing production timescales and Total Cost of Ownership.

What we do

Put simply, we produce large volumes of component parts to maximise economies of scale, manufacturing consistency and ensure uninterrupted supply. Our dynamic logistics management takes away the pressure of micro-managing every element of the process, so you can relax knowing that parts will be where you need them, when you need them – anywhere in the world! Taking advantage of Gelec’s warehousing facilities in the UK or Hong Kong gives you flexibility to react to changes in demand, without the need to hold excessive buffer stocks on-site at your premises.

We model ourselves on being a “self-managing partner” and strive to deliver value to you. Our account managers will monitor stock levels and consumption rates, and will keep you updated on any changes that could otherwise impact your production.

die-cast metal fabrication part for a pump system

Metal Components

Casting, machining and finishing to produce high strength and long lasting components.

Plastic Injection Moulding

Single and twin-shot injection moulding specialists.

Rubber Mouldings & Keypads

Market leading technology in silicone and polyester applications.

three Sunon fans

Sunon Fans

Working with a world-leading manufacturer to give you the advanced cooling solutions you need.

Bespoke Textile Products

Protective solutions that fit your products perfectly

Logistics management

Managing the flow of your components to optimise production rates and reduce total cost of ownership.

Solutions for you

We work with a range of different teams within organisations. You can find out more about how we help these teams by clicking below.

Product designers

New Product Introduction teams


Procurement teams