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Planning ahead for the Chinese New Year 2024…

Avoid delays with our simple guide to this big celebration

 The Chinese New Year is one of the most important holidays in China and several other East Asian countries, such as Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia and North and South Korea (where it’s known as the Lunar New Year). The dates vary each year, but it usually falls between 21st January and 20th February, with celebrations lasting for 15 days.

Why does this matter?

Much like Christmas in the UK the holiday means production slows down, presenting shippers and businesses with a few logistical challenges. Unlike the festive season here, Chinese New Year is celebrated over a much longer period.

Preparations can start three weeks in advance, at which point factories begin slowing production before shutting operations so workers can travel home to their families. Then, when factories reopen, it can take between four to six weeks for them to get back to full capacity. There’s also increased shipping demand just before the holiday, which can lead to congestion at ports, longer processing times and higher shipping costs.

Chinese New Year 2024

In 2024, celebrations start on Friday 9th February and finish with the Lantern Festival on Sunday 24th February. This means that businesses across China and East Asia will begin to slow production from early/mid January before stopping manufacturing altogether between 18-25th January. Then, after the 27th February, operations will restart and gradually return to normal.

 Planning ahead

At Gelec, our years of experience mean we are very adept at navigating any delivery issues caused by Chinese New Year. We plan ahead when it comes to production and shipments, pre-book container space during busy times and try to anticipate customer demand during the period so we can you’re your component stocks at acceptable levels.

 We are recommending that orders are placed so that they leave China by the 12th January this year. Call us if you need to order stock, or even edit an already placed order so that the 2024 Chinese New Year doesn’t affect your production schedules.