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Customising your Sunon Fans

Customising your fans at the point of production makes real sense, bringing a range of tangible benefits for you.

Why you should consider a custom solution

Fans are a critical component for thermal management, moving heat away from the electronics within your devices. You can get standard Sunon units from any number of suppliers across the UK (you can see our stock list here). So why should you consider customising your fans? Here’s a number of ways to do this, and the reasons why…

Adding wires

Sunon fans come with two control wires as standard. Adding additional wires delivers real benefits:

Adding a 3rd wire

This 3rd wire is a tachometer wire and provides measurement data for you, allowing you to control the fan speed, keeping it operating at the correct speed.

Adding a 4th wire

This wire enables Pulse Width Modulation – enabling even more effective speed monitoring.

Fans typically have an operating voltage range. Adding these wires gives you the opportunity to reduced fan speeds as low as 20% of the nominal RPM, reducing power consumption for your device.

customising fans by adding wires to help better manage power consumption

Precision length wiring

Cutting a couple of wires to the precise length needed for your electronic device may not seem like much, but multiply that up by your production runs and the time soon adds up. Adding precise length wires when the fans are being assembled saves you time, making your production runs more efficient and ultimately more profitable.

Talk to us about your exact needs today: 020 8855 0991

adding custom length wires to sunon fans and the point of production


When you need to focus or guide the airflow from a fan, adding a bespoke casing to the fan, that then fits into your electronic device’s external case, is a cost effective method.

Sunon fan inside a bespoke casing and showing customised wiring and connector

Packing trays & Plastics

If you’re looking to increase efficiency at your production locations, we can arrange for the packing trays to fit your production lines, reducing the overall assembly time for your product.

We can also remove all single-use plastics too, ….

Post-Delivery Modification Issues

As well as impacting efficiency and overall cost, post-delivery modifications come with two further complications:

  1. Changes you make may invalidate the warranty on the fans
  2. If the integrated circuits don’t know about the changes, the fans simply may not work.

What To Do Now

As one of Sunon’s earliest UK Partners, we know a thing or two about what can be done to customise their fans, so let’s talk about your project and what you’re looking to achieve. Call us on 020 8855 0991 or click here to email us.

Recent Projects

Here’s a few recent examples of how we have helped clients by customising their Sunon fans…


Sunon fan with customised connector

Adding connectors at the point of production reduced the time from delivery to completed product. Increased production efficiency improves profitability.

Custom casings

Sunon fan inside a bespoke casing and showing customised wiring and connector

how does this help?

Packing trays

Packing trays that go straight onto the production line increases efficiency. Increased production efficiency improves profitability.

Control wires

sunon mighty mini fan with control wires