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Manufacturing Solutions

When you start thinking about a new electronic device, there are many steps before it is being used by your customers. Making the right choices at each step of the journey is vital if the device is to be a success. Gelec can help you throughout the journey.

Product development

Developing a new electronic device raises many questions that we can help you answer:

  • What materials should components be manufactured from?
  • How do you optimise thermal management?
  • What else?

With nearly 50 years’ experience in the manufacturing industry, our team can help you answer these questions, so you take the best product to market.

Component manufacturing

When you look to start manufacturing, choosing the right manufacturing process can make a big difference. The combination of materials, quantities and how the device is to be used will dictate both the right processes and the unit costs.
We manufacture millions of component parts every year, in rubber, plastic and metal. Let’s talk about your product and work out the right manufacturing solutions for your components.

Logistics management

Ordering large quantities delivers economies of scale, but then provides logistics issues. Where do you store them all? Our unique logistics solutions can help you manage quantities, logistics and cashflow too.

Protecting the device

Many of the electronic devices we manufacture components for are used in harsh environments, or simply used harshly. Our protective solutions can help your customers extend the life of your electronics, delivering real value.