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China Labour Day Holidays & Freight Updates

Holiday Closures:

Here at Gelec we’re planning ahead of the forthcoming Labour Day holidays at the beginning of May. Most Factories will be closed from Wednesday 1st May, returning Monday 6th May. We anticipate minimal disruption in production, but shipments in-progress could be subject to minor delays.

Sea Freight:

With no improvement to the situation in the Red Sea, sailings continue to route around the Cape of Good Hope. The extended sailing times have become the “new norm” and most have adjusted to the slightly longer lead time.
The situation does, of course, remain under constant review with our Agents, but indications are that the situation is unlikely to improve in the immediate future.

Air Freight:

Escalating tensions across the Middle East are now impacting both time and cost of air shipments. With Airlines already altering paths to avoid Ukraine, further caution is being deployed across the Middle East. Some Airlines have cancelled flights from the Far East to Middle East destinations, including Iran, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and Israel. Airlines have had to re-route flights, causing payload issues, longer transit times, warehouse congestion and space issues. Some Airlines are now refusing new bookings until further notice, restricting capacity. Our Agents foresee that this situation is likely to worsen in the near future and is likely to have a noticeable impact on both transit time and cost. The situation continues to evolve and we will endeavour to provide regular updates.

Please contact our Sales Team on +44 20 8855 0991 if you have any questions or concerns or require updated pricing ahead of releasing new order coverage.