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12 weeks from today

China National Day

In 2024, China National Day falls on Tuesday 1st October and marks the start of Golden Week celebrations. Created to boost the Chinese economy, this Golden Week is the second of the year (after the Chinese New Year in Jan/Feb). Factories will be closing for seven days to observe the celebrations. With China Customs also closing, some delays to shipments around this time are commonplace.

National Day commemorates the founding of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Each starts with the raising of the Chinese flag in Tiananmen Square and is often followed by a huge military parade. Fireworks will light up the night sky across the country.

Golden Week

This is a peak holiday period within China, with millions of people travelling, both within China and internationally. Reuters figures show 826 million internal trips and nearly 1.6 million international trips during Golden Week in Autumn 2023.

In anticipation of high demand prior to the holidays and small backlogs accrued over the closure period, Gelec recommends that orders are released ahead of quoted lead time to minimise any risk of disruption.

Please contact our Sales Team on +44 20 8855 0991 if you have any questions or concerns or require updated pricing ahead of releasing new order coverage.