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Throughout your Product Lifecycles

Working with you from the first initial ideas for a new product, onwards

Working together

Developing and launching a new product involves many different teams within your business. Initial work is often done by your R&D team or your engineers. Finance and Procurement will involved as you consider product viability. Once the decision to launch is made, Operations & Marketing join the conversation too.

We work with all the different teams involved to help you get it right.

The earlier the better

With decades of combined experience helping designers produce a better product, we see that the earlier the conversation starts, the better the results are.

Initial Design

When you are first looking at a new product or update, we can work with your Research & Development team, your engineers or your Design team to choose the right materials and component parts.

Product Development

As your project develops, specification of materials and components becomes vital, with many departments within your business getting involved. Engineers and design teams working with Procurement and Finance to get the right components within the project budget.

Bespoke components can deliver performance improvements and cost savings through the lifetime of a product.

Meeting your manufacturing schedule

When your new product is ready, you will need component parts manufactured and delivered to specific deadlines to ensure your new product launch happens when planned and you have the stock for ongoing sales.

We’re often working with your New Product Introduction and Operations teams at this stage.

Supporting your manufacturing schedule

As your products continue to sell, you need to carefully manage your supply chain to maintain optimum stock levels of component parts to ensure product availability.

We can work with Operations teams, your Procurement and even Marketing to adapt both component production and logistics schedules as needed.

Solutions for you

Whatever stage of the project you are at, we can help. Our aim is to work with you to ensure you have the right components in the right place at the right time.

Use one of the contact methods below to get in touch. Let’s talk about what stage your project is at, what you are looking to achieve and let’s see how we can help.