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It has been a few weeks since our last shipping update, so here is what is happening…

Holiday Closures:

As we step into the Year of the Dragon, many of our factories have this week re-opened after the holiday period. Most are operating at reduced capacity as a consequence of workers taking extended leave and factories are unlikely to return to full manpower before early March.

High demand in advance of the holidays coupled with reduced capacity in the weeks that follow means that extended lead times remain in-place for the time being. It is expected that backlogs will clear as we move into March, at which point standard manufacturing lead times will be reviewed again.

Sea Freight:

Shipments continue to follow the extended sailing route around the Cape of Good Hope. The latest updates from our agents suggest that there are no clear signs of a return to safe passage through the Red Sea and Suez in the immediate future, but this remains under continuous review.

Congestion remains an issue in Hong Kong and Southern China as ports return from the holiday period. Our expectation is that this should improve in the coming weeks as customers adapt to extended sailing times and equipment shortages have been recovered.

The situation continues to evolve and we will endeavour to provide regular updates. Please contact our Sales Team on +44 20 8855 0991 if you have any questions or concerns or require updated pricing ahead of releasing new order coverage.