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Product Designers

Helping you design a better product

Working together to optimise design and manufacturing processes

The perfect new product combines usability, design and manufacturing to produce something that meets expectations and provides value. You’re the expert on what the end user wants and design. We bring the manufacturing knowledge:

  • Material recommendations to ensure suitability and component performance
  • Process evaluation to deliver the right solution
  • Design optimisation to achieve commercial performance

The earlier the better

With decades of combined experience helping designers produce a better product, we see that the earlier the conversation starts, the better the results are.

Working together with Gelec early on minimises the risk of design modifications being needed later on and gets your product to market faster without time and cost delays.

To arrange a time to discuss your next, or current, project, call us on 020 8855 0991, or click here and we’ll call you back.

Solutions for you

These are just some of the ways we can help you:

Manufacturing solutions

Producing your component parts in volume to deliver economies of scale


Managing your stocks to optimise production