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Sunon Mighty Mini fans & blowers

When you need to manage heat in a miniature or very thin device, Sunon’s Mighty Mini fans come into their own. Since 2007 Sunon has produced some of the smallest and most efficient fans on the market.

Gelec works with Sunon to provide you with the fans you need. Configured as you need them to both fit into your product and to maximise assembly efficiency.

Sunon mighty mini fan 1203

Small and Mighty

Starting at just 9x9x3mm, Sunon’s Mighty Mini range of fans and blowers can be used in the smallest spaces.  Their MagLev technology eliminates vibration and wobble.

Working where you need them to

Rated at either IP55 or IP58, Sunon Mighty Mini fans are designed to work where you need them to. The waterproof design of the IP55-rated fans makes them suitable for outdoor applications, with protection from water, dirt and dust.

Managed logistics

Economies of scale delivered through larger order quantities help you manage unit costs, but come with logistics complications, but not with Gelec!

We will store them for you, shipping them to your assembly location on an agreed schedule. We will work with you to forecast when you need to order more stock so you never run out too.

Mighty Mini Blowers

Moving up to 18ltr/min of air, the mighty mini range of blowers is the ultimate thermal management solution when you have limited space.

Measuring just 9x9x3mm, this blower is the smallest in the range, but runs at 17400 RPM and has airflow measured at 1.17l/min

Measuring 12x12x3mm, this blower has an operating voltage range of 2.0- 3.5V & produces only 26dB

Measuring 15x15x3mm, this blower runs at 14000RPM whilst using only 0.1 Watts

Sunon Mighty Mini Blower 1203

Measuring 17x17x3mm, this blower runs at 12500RPM and can move 6.5l/min of air

Measuring 30x30x3mm, this blower is the biggest of the Mighty Mini blower range, moving up to 18ltr/min of air.