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Helping you produce great products

When you develop a new product, you want to be sure that the component parts fit together perfectly and work flawlessly. We’ve been doing precisely that since 1975.

Solving problems for you

Developing a new product, from the design stage to when it reaches the customer, can raise numerous issues along the way. We can help with many of them.

  • Our decades of experience can add value to your design process.
  • Customising components to remove production steps and costs.
  • Minimising component unit costs through economies of scale production.
  • Supply chain management to reduce storage costs and carbon footprints.

Managing logistics

We make sure your components are where you need them when you need them. From the moment of order to when components reach your production line, we manage every step to maximise availability and efficiency.


Simplifying the processes within the complete production process optimises efficiency and delivers huge benefits. Recent examples include:

  • Removing production stages before product assembly
  • Re-routing deliveries to reduce carbon footprint
  • Increasing production quantities to deliver bigger economies of scale