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Bespoke Textile Products

When you need to protect something, perfect fit is the best way. A protective bag designed around what needs protecting extends its life, keeping it in pristine condition.

Make it a perfect fit

A protective solution that is a perfect fit around your device provides the ultimate protection. You want safe storage and transportation and you will not get anything better than a bespoke product, potentially combined with a foam insert.

Promote your brand

Adding your brand to the textile products will raise brand awareness within your target audiences. Embroidered or screen printed options are available, ensuring maximum impact when on display.

Deliver your products protected

Making a protective solution available for your products is a great upsell. Delivering your product with the protective solution already in place is a step above and will wow your customers.

Bespoke packaging tailor-made for your device is the perfect way to add value for your customers. By consolidating your product along with any accessories, you can achieve maximum portability and optimum user experience.

Delivered wherever you need them

No matter where in the world you want these bespoke textile products, we will make sure they are there when you need them – just as we do with the component parts we make. Warehousing in the UK and Hong Kong helps us to optimise lead times by removing any unnecessary transportation and, in turn, reduce carbon footprints.