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Logistics Management

Storing your component parts, delivering when you need them to improve production line efficiency and reduces costs.

fork lift in warehouse to support article about How logistics management helps electronics firms

Components when you need them

Ordering in bulk delivers unit cost savings through economies of scale. But you then have to hold that stock, taking up space and incurring costs.

Gelec can warehouse your components in the UK or Hong Kong and deliver to your production facilities, wherever in the world they are, to an agreed schedule. If you find you need to alter that schedule, we can do that quickly and easily.

Making use of our storage facilities removes costs and improves efficiency for you.

Releasing capital

Ordering in bulk usually means tying up capital for long periods of time. Capital that could be made better use of in other parts of the business.

Ordering components from Gelec is different. Of course you need to pay tooling costs, but we will only invoice you for stock when you take delivery. Paying for stock when you use it gives you the opportunity to use that capital elsewhere in the business.

Warehouses around the world

Your component parts will be stored in the best location, dependent on where they are needed. Our warehouses in Hong Kong and London make it easy to deliver anywhere in the world, reducing the carbon footprint of your products. We will, of course, deal with all necessary documentation to ensure your component parts are delivered without delay.

Never worry about lead times again

We try to be a “self-managing” partner to our customers. By monitoring stock levels, recent consumption, and lead times we can identify when you need to re-order and keep stock levels just right.

You then never need to worry about long lead times again!