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Metal Components

Delivering die-cast or stamped metal components to meet your needs. Whether your devices are used in harsh environments or have a complex set of high-precision interlocking components, we have the experience and the capabilities needed to deliver on your expectations

Maximum value through working together

When conversations start at an early stage, our decades of experience tell us the project receives technical and commercial benefits.  Early conversations about timelines, critical features and environmental challenges (amongst others) give us the information to support your milestones and keep your project on track.

Design for Manufacture and rapid prototyping are both available to prove your concept prior to tooling commitment. Identifying issues at this stage minimises the need for modifications and reduces delays.

Matching the production method to the component

Understanding your product, technical requirements and commercial expectations allows us to select the right method of manufacture and finish. Low volume or high precision components can be achieved through CNC machining, whilst higher volume projects can enjoy manufacturing efficiencies from die casting. We have options with gravity casting as well as low/high pressure die casting depending on the needs of your device, as well as a range of post-cast processes including porosity treatment, painting and plating.

For stamped components, we offer either in-line or progressive tooling solutions to optimise your investment. Post-processing including drilling, tapping and welding are available with either manufacturing process, as well as finishing options such as anodising, powder coating and silk screen printing.

Availability wherever they are needed

We support your project from concept to delivery to ensure your metal components are in the right place at the right time, no matter where in the world your production facilities are. With warehousing in the UK and Hong Kong, we can implement supply arrangements  that cut out unnecessary transport, minimise lead times and ensure cost-effective supply. You can find more information on our logistics here.

Our factories and capabilities

Our Factories are strategically located close to Gelec Shenzhen Office and our Hong Kong Logistics Centre, as well as YanTian Sea Port and Shenzhen BaoAn International Airport.

Our capabilities include:

  • Rapid prototyping for low volume, proof-of-concept requirements
  • Gravity casting and low/high pressure die casting options
  • In-line and progressive stamping solutions
  • CNC machine and laser cutting
  • Post-processing including machining, porosity treatment, painting, plating and screen printing
  • Sub-assembly and custom packaging
  • ISO9001, ISO14001 and IATF16949 accreditations