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Sunon Fans

Sunon specialises in the design, development and manufacture of AC, DC and EC brushless fans, from Mighty Mini fans to patented MagLev bearing systems and beyond. As an award-winning Sunon partner since 1984, we recommend them for their performance, reliability and value.

three Sunon fans

Gelec – adding value upon value

Our team will work to support you in specifying and customising Sunon products from concept through to delivery to ensure all solutions are fit for purpose. In particular we add value through the ability to offer you product customisations such as lead length and the addition of connectors. More bespoke solutions such as custom impellers/housings and small sub-assemblies are also easily deliverable.

Early customisation, early benefits

By involving us early in your design we can help guide your team to specify the best possible solution. We can help you optimise the performance of your device and ensure the correct product selection.

Delivery and packaging

Customised solutions are allocated a unique part-number in our system to ensure traceability and eliminate errors. Products can be packaged to minimise wasted time in production, and we also offer an optional eco-friendly ‘zero single-use plastic’ packaging. If you require warehousing for custom stock, we have facilities in the UK and Hong Kong for global shipments.

Sunon: Company & Product Profile

Committed to reliability and value

Market leader in a wide range of consumer and commercial sectors – including automotive, medical and industrial – one of the keys to Sunon’s success is its MagLev technology which offers high-reliability and practically frictionless bearing systems. Add in the benefit of a bearing where noise is proven not to increase over time, and it is no surprise that Maglev bearings have become the go-to solution for engineers across so many sectors of design technology.

  • Headquartered in Taiwan’s Southern City of Kaohsiung
  • Manufacturing locations in Beihai (China), Kunshan (China), Kaohsiung (Taiwan) and Bataan (Philippines)
  • Specialising in the design, development and manufacture of AC, DC and EC brushless fans
  • Market leader in a range of sectors including Automotive, Consumer, Medical, Industrial and many more.
  • Patented MagLev bearing technology has become the tried and trusted solution across many market sectors
  • MagLev is a long life, high reliability / practically frictionless bearing system where noise does not increase over time
  • AC fans range from 60x60x25mm up to 254x89mm
  • DC fans range from 9x9x3mm (Mighty Mini-Series) up to 171x151x51mm
  • Super Silence series leverages the MagLev bearing system for noise sensitive applications
  • New MagLev EC range, delivering low power, high performance solutions with AC input

Sunon’s design expertise based in Taipei (Taiwan) is also renowned for passive thermal solutions and bespoke thermal solutions in market sectors such as Automotive, Notebook and Data Storage.

Sunon also manufacture bespoke heat sinks using die cast, extruded or stacked-fin manufacturing methods, and develops thermal solutions incorporating heat pipes, vapour chambers and fans/blowers to customer specification.